Thursday, 8 March 2007

Blood Diamond

I've been allowed out again and I went to the cinema to see Blood Diamond. I am becoming tremendously impressed with Leonardo Di Caprio and have added him to my evergrowing list. It was another really long film and I spent much of it with my eyes closed as I can't watch people being hurt, wrong film for me really.

At the end, it gives you all the stats about the deaths surrounding this issue. It did make me feel slightly uneasy as I have been lucky enough to amass a tidy collection of jewellery that I am inordinately fond of. I am particularly enamoured of Lime Blue on George St, they even give you sweeties in a little box with their name on. How good is that ? The first time I remember being disappointed that it was Quality Street inside, it seemed such an ordinary sweetie to give you because their jewellery is stunning. Anyway I digress, it asked at the end of the film if when next purchasing a diamond, you could check if your diamond was conflict free.

You could just imagine your average Saturday boy or girl's face in your local H. Samuel, Ratners or Argos, when asked "Is this diamond conflict free ?"

" Eh ?!?!"

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