Sunday, 11 March 2007

Birds of a Feather

Eldest beautiful daughter and I were in town yesterday. Wandering around we found ourselves outside the beautiful son's favourite shop ( ok it's the only shop he likes ). It's called Games Workshop and is recognizable by the aroma of Eau de Small Boy and Weird Man than radiates from it. Inside is a parallel universe only inhabited by blokes, the only women there were obviously mummies ( some of them accompanying grown ups too ). Males of assorted ages and sizes were painting figures and playing with the little soldiers having battles

I rang the beautiful son and asked him if he wanted anything and he proceeded to give me an introduction to the strange world of Warhammer.As far as I can gather, it is small soldiers that you have wars with and it is to do with Lord of the Rings. I must admit I stopped listening and concentrating very early on. He needed some paints and the list was scab red, bestial brown, chaos black and boltgun metal, he also wanted some Urakhai warriors ( this is very probably the wrong spelling, but I have no care ). The shop assistants were very helpful ( all male and earnestly enjoying their job). The nice boy at the till shared with me that he had been playing for 11 years and could have bought a small house with the money he's spent ! I could well believe it. The beautiful sons 4 paints and a few soldiers came to £23. Still it's better than online poker or internet porn.

Outside eldest beautiful daughter remarked on how sad it was to have so so many boys but no hot ones. She also said she's never seen so many geeks in one place ( bear in mind she looks like Bride of Dracula) !! Just then we passed members of her own tribe The Emo and their affiliated tribe The Goth all being individual collectively, and I smiled.


Helena said...

What a wonderfully written piece! You got me giggling no end, Gwen!

I can remember when my old da bought my oldest son some actual toy soldiers in a pack when he was about 11, and I anticipated his reaction because he was well into Sonic The Hedgehog at the time.

He played with those figures for hours on end and his pals thought they were as cool as anything!

It's refreshing to hear that beautiful son has this interest. I love the shades of the paints - bring out the creative side in any little boy that would!!

auntiegwen said...

Oh Lena, it was truly truly weird the ammount of grown up's who were there. Still whatever lights your candle, who knows what I have spent on handbags and percy pigs over the years ?