Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Rugby Cup Final May 12th 2007

The beautiful son's all happy today. He's got a place on a school trip to go and see the rugby premiership finals. They get to go watch the game at Twickenham, meet some of the players and get their photo taken with the trophy, which if you're an 11 year old rugby mad hooker then it's the dog's. It's between Leicester Tigers and some other team ( don't ask me I'm a girl).

Last night when I was filling out the permission slip and writing the cheque for £39,( see newfie that's why I've no money) I said to him that because it was so expensive he'd have to be really nice to me

" ok what do you want me to do?" he says

" bring me home Danny Hipkiss" I replied

and God love my daft wee wean he says quite seriously to me

" I don't think Mr Watson's got a spare seat on the coach for him"

I love my son

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Anonymous said...

Me not much of a sports girl. QofD, god love her knows more about football than any female me has every comed across. And can she pick teams. Now, me is quessing that rugby is the Canadian and US version of football {{correct me if me is wrong}}. Now here in Canada its 65$ + yer GST + PST {{13% taxes}}. So, to play rugby here in Canada sounds about what ya would pay over in England. Now, if it was HOCKEY god almighty. Ya be looking at about 200$ registation fee + the little guys equipment which can be quite expensive from what me hears from other mum's. So, ya sports is expensive. When mine was littler he playedd scoccer for a season cuz he liked it and it was also the cheapest. LOL..

Hell, me didn't know that we had rugby over here in Canada. Me thought it was just an un uniformed game of football. Similar but not quite. LOL. Oh the things me learns. TEEHEEHEE