Friday, 23 March 2007

Redressing the balance

Never let it be said that I'm an unfair woman. I will fess up to my quite particularly feminine bad habits. On Thursday I went into Marks and Spencers to buy milk, ok, milk and percy pigs. They now do a massive 400g bag incidentally. After spending £32.23 I realised that I am an illicit shopper and I suffer from waste your money syndrome.

My milk cost £1.20, my percy pigs £1.99, I also bought some choc biscuits 99p, chocolate melt in the middle puddings £1.24, custard £1.09 and a pizza £1.74. Thats my legitimate shopping, cost about £8.50 at best.

I also bought 2 bunches of white tulips at £2.99 each - excuse they are my favourite flowers and they're not around for long.
A pair of fancy hold ups, in case I need them cost £4
2 birthday cards because they're always handy to have £2
Natural cotton scented candle because I love candles and this one smelled nice cost £12
Total cost of waste your money shopping £24

The real reason for this splurge was because earlier on in the day I had refrained from buying THE most fabulous shoes from Flannels in Birmingham, beautiful exquisite black satin PRADA 4 inch stiletto heeled f#ck me slingbacks cost £245.

So because I was a good girl and didn't buy THE SHOES in my head I had "saved" all that money and deserved a treat.

I will say that I am not representative of my gender as a whole, other women might have bought the shoes and I am due to go to regional headquarters in Birmingham again soon......

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