Thursday, 1 March 2007

Pictures on my phone

God is good.

Following on from the last post about the beautiful boy on my phone, I now have 3 pictures of him. I can assure you that the girl he wants to date will be very happy when she unwraps him. Should I let him know he's got the wrong number, so he knows that the girl he wants isn't ignoring him or just wait and hope for the money shot?

I also got sent another picture to my phone, it too is lovely in it's own way, a beautiful pint of the black stuff all the way from it's home in the Emerald Isle. I have a kind friend who heard about the boy pictures and wanted to enhance my collection or maybe just make me jealous that I'm not in Ireland too.

So now, all I need for instant happiness are photos on my phone of

Percy pigs
Venti skinny cinnamon lattes (no whipped cream )
Prada handbags
Jimmy Choos/Manolo Blahniks/Christian Laboutin new season strappy sandals
One Devonshire Gardens
Edinburgh Castle with fireworks
Olu beach

I've already got the boy and the guinness, so please feel free to forward me any nice images to brighten up my day.


Helena said...

OOOOH! If it gets to the money shot Gwen I'll give you my phone mob number!!LOL. It's decent of you to consider how he may feel neglected though!

Sadly Gwen I don't have any cheery pics on my phone as it was once my son's and it's all football crap but you have given me ideas on how I'll replace them! Soon!


auntiegwen said...

You see how kind I am worrying about his feelings ! Mind you he's a big boy and I'm sure he won't be on his own for much longer. Sadly though the messages have stopped