Sunday, 25 March 2007

Weekend of Woe

Is there no end to my misery ?

I've found out that Percy Pigs which are the only sweets I eat,( I don't even eat chocolate) contain pork gelatine.

I've been copiously sick and felt queasy all night. All settled in for the night, feet up, film on , finished the bag and when folding it up to throw at the bin, read the words that strike fear into the heart of every vegetarian.

Pork Gelatine

I now hate Marks and feckin Spencers


Anonymous said...

Oh lordy... Ya didnt think to look at the ingredients huh?? Me so sorry...Here''s a big HUG just for ya for puttin something into yer body that ya would never do normally. But if it only Pork Geletin do it really count as animal?? Me not a vegetarian so me wouldnt know. Me has heard of some vegetarians who near die if there is milk product in their food so in that way me feels for ya. But being a meat and potatoes girl {{especially if it corned beef hash ~~~~~~~oh YUMMMMMMM }} me doesn't understand it all. But can we still be friends.?? Me would promise ya this...Ya ever come to Canada and comes for a visit to the newfie'sWoman Insane Isylum and Nuthouse me would promise no meat products for you kk??????? But other than that hope ya had a good weekend...... ;)

auntiegwen said...

Oh thank you sweetie

just seriously thinking bout visiting Canada in Sep, my friend Melanie is running the Toronto marathon and if our money improves we will try and visit a few places so keep your fingers crossed my finances improve !!!!